Wo we are

The Zein Group, Founded in 2015, is a Group Holding Companies, its headquarters is in the capital, Beirut, and includes a number of major companies in information technology. We offer an extensive network of software and  manufacture secure robots and phones. The Zein Group is a member of the Beirut Stock Exchange.


Chairman Message

We at The Zein Group are working day and night to produce the best software and technology in the world and the Arab countries in particular. We work hard and round the clock to produce software that serves both the user and the beneficiary. In the long term, competitive pressures are a daily challenge for the group. , The group's long-term strategy, the group's ability to overcome the daily difficulties and pressures, trust in the strength of the group in its reliance on professional programmers, and as I supervise the work myself late at night, to be the best group around the world, our goal is one Production software and high-purification devices serve the user and the beneficiary in the long term
Therefore, I pray to the Almighty that The Zein, continues its career and contributes to the prosperity of our Arab economy and the promotion of technology to serve our religion, our society, our children and our future society.

Osman El Zein.