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We are a leading holding company and brand in the field of telecommunications, technology and encryption, helping to strengthen the telecommunications sector by creating close partnerships with the public and private sectors.

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  •  01/22/2024 05:32 PM

Exploring the consequences and implications of piracy on the Ministry of Social Affairs website

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  •  01/21/2024 06:19 PM

This article explores the impact of the recent hack on the Lebanese Parliament's website, shedding light on the potential ramifications and the wider implications for cybersecurity in the region.

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  •  01/07/2024 11:40 PM

The recent cyber hack at Beirut Airport has shed light on the vulnerabilities in airport security and cyber infrastructure.

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  •  01/02/2024 09:25 PM

The communication hacking techniques employed by Iran and the strategies to uncover and combat such cyber threats.

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Downtown Beirut, the headquarters of The Zein Group Holding, today 2 April 2022.

We are back in business after an exceptional hiatus of more than two years as a result of the political crisis in Lebanon. On today's date, we announce the gradual return to production, work to strengthen production lines, and receive requests and contracts from our partners.

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