The Zein Group Holding Company is always looking for experienced and talented people who are accomplished in their field and looking for a flexible, nontraditional work environment where skills, experience and performance are highly valued and rewarded.


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Beirut Central District, Beirut, Lebanon
According to the company's employment policy, the first consideration in hiring employees is the necessity of providing the highest levels of competence and integrity. Candidates will not be considered for employment in the company if they have committed violations of the law or any type of crime, sexual exploitation, sexual assault or sexual harassment, or have been involved in drug promotion or abuse, or have been previously convicted, or have been involved in civil wars or Party militias or any acts of violence of any kind, or suspicions or bad reputation surrounding them, and we will not accept employment for political considerations in any way.
  1. National ID or Valid passport
  2. Recent photograph
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Clean criminal record
  5. Over 21 years old
  6. Experience certificate
  7. Fingerprinting
  8. Conduct certificate from Public Security - for foreigners
  9. Has entered Lebanon legally - for foreigners if applying from within the country.
  10. Security verification certificate from the home country - for foreigners
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  1. Health insurance
  2. Rewards
  3. Travel
None of the mentioned job conditions will be excluded under any consideration or circumstance.
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