02 Dec

<span>Given the weak interest in communications security in the Middle East with the exception of Israel, despite Saudi Arabia’s interest in developing it, a new report stated that Iran is targeting high-level organizations in the Middle East in an ongoing espionage campaign.The report stated that the campaign targeted the governmental and military sectors, as it penetrated Iranian intelligence.Secret communications in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq and Israel, although Israel has the strongest cyber defenses and the largest communications security system in the Middle East and the world.</span><span></span><br><span>In recent years, Iranian intelligence has become increasingly interested in targeting government communications infrastructure in the Middle East, infiltrating telecommunications and government agencies using fake names to systematically extract data from the systems of government entities in the Middle East.</span><span></span><br><span>In its recent attacks, Iranian intelligence uses advanced malware to breach advanced communications systems. It is an advanced backdoor that allows attackers to execute commands remotely through highly sophisticated programs. Therefore, what can be done is to push back systematic Iranian cyber attacks through the use of secure communications devices and equipment, away from double agents. FBI Director Christopher described Iran as “the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world” and pointed out that Hezbollah, Tehran’s main strategic partner He has a history of espionage in the United States.</span><span></span><br><span>We believe that Hezbollah not only has a history of espionage in the United States, but also in Europe, Germany, and the Gulf.</span>