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 Product Features

 ● Food Delivery to 

Restaurant and Hotel

Deliver the meal to the guest's designated table, then explain the restaurant information, the waiter or the guest touches the robot's screen and the robot goes to the next table or returns to the starting point to charging.

● Multi-point Delivery

Robot can deliver the food to one table, can also deliver the good to three different

tables in one order.

● Route Setting

Robot can set the fixed walking route, and can do autonomously navigation and


● Voice Playback

Robot will play the mp3 audio content when it reaches the destination or when It

encounter obstacles, ( MP3 audio can be all languages)

● Business Explanation

It can play advertising information such as audio, pictures, video, etc. or related

promotional content to display new product features and related service

● Fun Chat

Robot has good interaction with guest and has a fun talk, can answer any of question for


● Voice Control

Can do below things by voice command.

A. open the custom picture, video by voice command especially for business promotion. B. upload the software application.

C. Lead guest to a designated location. etc

D. Give the robot a command, He will source from the internet and open the related information. such as weather, picture, website, etc.

● Face Recognition

.Robot has face recognition , She can easily recognize the people who have already registered and greets them