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THE SWR combines phone and walkie talkie radio with security functionality, all in one easy-to-use device. Built in SECURE VOIP for secure communication over the Wi-Fi network to allow government individuals to communicate in complete secrecy. 

THE ZEIN SWR is classified under the completely secure category and is only available to government individuals who work at a high level in a government agency or organization, and it is "Top Secret".

"Dedicated to the category of government vehicle"

Notice: THE DEVICES "products" are banned in some countries such as Iran, Russia, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

BSC TD-M6Plus 4G POC Radio

1) Spanish /English / French  /German / Voice Prompt
2) Walkiefleet, Real PTT, Muti-Platform App
Cell Phone Call
Dual Micro SIM Card Slots
LTE Full Bands 4G/3G/2G
Screen Projection Tool
11) 2.4" Touch Screen
12) Mini Size:118*37*50mm