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THE ZEIN SECURE 3 SERIES combines the secure functions of a PC and encrypted Wi-Fi, in addition to the strength and durability of the device body, as it is resistant to water, scratches and breakage, and is designed to be carried as a handbag, and is for confidential communication through the “THE ZEIN SECURE VOIP” application, all in a device One. We use a 128 & 256-bit encryption algorithm approved by the US National Security.

THE ZEIN SECURE 3 SERIES runs on Microsoft's completely secure system from cybercriminals, is only for government and military use, and is intended to operate in a highly confidential and secure environment.

It is completely protected from the dangers that may surround it from any place or party, and in any place, as it does not contain a camera, GPS, or Bluetooth, we have designed it to suit confidential use and data protection, and to be a profitable investment in the long term.

Notice: THE ZEIN SECURE SERIES devices are banned in some countries such as Iran, Russia, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.


8 Inch 2GB RAM WiFi IP65 Waterproof Rugged Tablet Windows 10

1) Itel Atom Z3735F Quad Core CPU

2) IP65 Waterproof

4) HDMI 1.4a


6) Built-in 6000mAh Battery