Automated Communications Systems

The company developed its first projects in automated communications systems. Our communications technology systems provide pioneering technologies in providing automated communications and e-commerce services to governments and large companies to save a lot of manpower, process accumulated transactions, manage daily operations in an automated and flexible manner, and communicate with customers to solve many problems.

Natural Language Processing Technology

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in just a few short years. This means that chatbots have begun to prove their worth against many other programs. Our project provides a chatbot for text and voice commands through natural language processing (NLP) technology to provide a better user experience and a more natural conversation experience. Automated communications software supports understanding and responding to human speech. Our intelligent automated system has a wide range of applications in the field of customer support and sales.

The system supports the following features:

Providing support around the clock and solving customer requests instantly - without increasing the number of agents

Reducing handling times by collecting customer details in advance and freeing customers from frequently asked questions

Providing digital sales and electronic payment services