GARDE® RW 4-SERIES is a wireless command center station, which is designed for outdoor applications such as urban coverage, unmanned video surveillance, tactical mission deployment of soldiers, etc. Comes with the wireless network tablet PC operate the network and video monitoring system, and can see the entire wireless network network structure. Also, PPT (Push To Talk) is available for voice communication, which is convenient for chatting with other people with the same node. It is also designed with a battery V-lock to install a standard Sony lithium battery or another lithium battery of the same type. Besides the external battery, there is also a power charger input to charge the battery after the power runs out. WIFI and GPS function workable, Built tough the Pelican case is shockproof, water and dust resistant. It is rated IP67 when powered off.

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1. Self-developed COFDM waveform, efficient channel coding, and multi-hop ad hoc networking protocols.

2. Strong anti-interference ability

3. Forming a centerless wireless broadband network efficiently and quickly.

4. Integrated with tablet PC, battery V lock, GPS, WIFI, 4G.

5. Provide IP interface, which can realize interconnection with other IP devices.

7. Built-in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/Beidou/4G (Mobile/Unicom) module can be customized.

8. Customized development can be provided according to customer requirements. 

Frequency1.4GHz (customizable)
RF power2W*2W (MIMO)
ModulationCOFDM LTE/FPGA (optional)
ConstellationBPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM (self-adaption)
FEC1/21 2/3, 3/4, 5/6
Transfer ratePeak 40Mbps@30MHz
Networking capacity32/64/128 nodes (customizable)
Electric Features
Operation voltageAC220V/DC12V, others can be customized
Operation current1.5A
External batteryStandard V lock panel for external battery mounting
Data Features 
Video inputRJ45
Audio inputMIC/PTT
Video outputHDMI, USB*2, RJ45
Serial portTTL*2
Computer Features
CPUIntel i5 6287U/3.1GHz dual-core processor
Memory120G SSD
Keyboard & mousewaterproof
LCD monitor17 inch screen integrated
DisplayIntel HD Graphics 540, support Direct*12, OpenGL 4.4,
support 4K 1*HDMI1.4, max resolution 4096*2304@24Hz
Physical Features
Protection GradeIP67 when shut off
Operation temperature-20°C ~ +55°C
Storage temperature-50°C ~ +70°C
We provide authorized governments with devices and systems that assist them in securing the communications network and combating espionage. The company's policy is to deal with and sell only to government customers, which requires that the government approve any export of classified products.
The minimum contract is $500,000 to contract with the government, including development and production over the term specified in the contract.