GARDE® RW 2-SERIES duplex IP transmitter adopts the latest cofdm modulation of THE. ZEIN, and FDD (frequency division duplexing) technology. The downlink and uplink frequency of GARDE® RW 2-SERIES Ethernet IP transceiver are adjustable and customized to meet different countries’ users’ requirements. Integrated with Ethernet port, the GARDE® RW 2-SERIES is suitable to connect any IP-based devices, like IP camera, computer, achieve microwave wireless IP video or other data transmission and communication. There is also with serial ports, RS232 with TTL protocol for remote wireless radio link. With powerful 15~20W adjustable RF power, the performs well in long range NLOS video and data transmitting and receiving in fully duplex mode. The IP transceiver has strong anti-jamming features to make it works very stable under complex environment, like in city/urban area. It's suitable for police vehicle patrolling, vessel wireless link on sea, or military heavy UAV for over 150km range.


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1. COFDM modulation;

2. Work well in NLOS fast moving condition;

3. Low latency and great data send from end to end;

4. Transparent IP Ethernet and serial data sync telecommunication;

5. RF Fullband/Narrowband/Multiband (1/2/4/8MHz) available.

Power supplyDC28V/6.8A
TX output frequency615MHz-635MHz (can be customized 300-3300MHz),step in 1MHz
RX output frequency645MHz-675MHz (can be customized 300-3300MHz),step in 1MHz
RF bandwidth1/2/4/8MHz
RF power output43dBm (20w)
Encryption/decryption modeAES128 bits(user-defined password)
ModulationCOFDM 2K
Transfer rate2x30 Mbit/s_RJ45 115200bps_TTL
RF connectorN type
EthernetStandard RJ45 port,Aviation plug(TTL)
Transmit distance10-20 km NLOS / 20-40km LOS on ground level


We provide authorized governments with devices and systems that assist them in securing the communications network and combating espionage. The company's policy is to deal with and sell only to government customers, which requires that the government approve any export of classified products.
The minimum contract is $500,000 to contract with the government, including development and production over the term specified in the contract.