The GARDE® RW 10-SERIES is a military grade handheld miniature IP network. Designed with a detachable twist lock battery and PTT (Push To Talk) functionality, it is ideal for the outdoor carry duty of IP video surveillance feeding back to the command center and voice communication with other similar devices of the GARDE® RW .


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1. Adopt our independently developed technologies COFDM waveform, efficient channel code and multi-hop ad hoc network protocol.
2. Do not rely on base stations. Able to form a centerless wireless broadband network efficiently and quickly.
3. Provide IP interface to realize interconnection and interworking with other IP devices.
4. Designed with a detachable lithium battery to ensure that the device is powered for 4-5 hours, as well as external powered connector.
5. Able to automatically select the best route. Self-organizing, Self-healing, and it can automatically implement network topology such as chain and star.
6. IP video communication and voice talking with command center and other mesh nodes.

Frequency Range800MHz/1.4GHz/2.4GHz(customizable)
RF Power1W*1W MIMO
ModulationCOFDM LTE/FPGA (optional)
Constellation modulationBPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM(Adaptive)
Transmission RatePeak 40MBPS@30MHZ
Transmission Distance1-5KM LOS
Networking Capacity32/64/128 Nodes (customizable)
Electric Features
Working VoltageDC12V
Working Current1A(Typical Value)
Power Consumption≤15W@1W Tx Power
Data Features
Video Input FormatSupport IP Video Input
Audio Input FormatMIC/PTT
EncryptionAES128 or User Defined
Built-in ModuleWi-Fi/GPS/Beidou
Physical Features
Protection GradeIP65
Working Temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature-50℃ ~ +70℃ 
Weight554g(without battary), 540g for battery, 1094g in total
We provide authorized governments with devices and systems that assist them in securing the communications network and combating espionage. The company's policy is to deal with and sell only to government customers, which requires that the government approve any export of classified products.
The minimum contract is $500,000 to contract with the government, including development and production over the term specified in the contract.