GARDE® R 9-SERIES COFDM video transmitter is specially designed for man-pack outdoor tactical mission for soliders. Wireless video audio transmitter adopts safe latest COFDM technology, which has strong anti-interference/anti-jamming ability in harsh environment. With a backpack frame and a 20A battery intergrated, the GARDE® R 9-SERIES digital transmitter is a completed military manpack microwave wireless system, which helps to achieve real time video audio communication with comman center when in critical mission. It's easy to reach 5~10km NLOS(non line of sight) distance with different adjustable RF transmitting power. GARDE® R 9-SERIES is a wireless digital video transmitter, which is easily to be set the significant specification, like frequency, bandwith, encryption, and rf power by LCD configred panel. There is a lip cover for the LCD configred panel to protect from mistuning by accident.

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1. Latest COFDM modulation,

2. H.264/MPEG self-adapted video compression,

3. AES128/256bits user-defined password,

4. High-performance li-battery, 3 hours of continuous work,

5. Adjustable frequency, RF bandwidth, RF power on LCD configured panel, 

ModulationCOFDM、 2K 、QPSK
Frequency300~800MHz(1G-3.3G customize, 50Mhz per interval as a frequency band)
RF Output Power, 5W- 8W(Adjustable),  10-15W(Adjustable)
Voltage/CurrentDV12V, 2.5A(5-8W);  DC28V,3A (10-15W)
Transmission Distance5-10km NLOS in city for manpack
Channel Spacing4MHz
Guard Interval1/32
Video InputAnalog video
Audio InputStereo left and right channels
Video CompressionH.264
RF InterfaceN (F)
Video InterfaceBNC(F)
AV InterfaceBNC(F)
Work Environment-40~60℃
(Include battary& backrest)