GARDE® R 2-SERIES is a point to multi point broadband data transmission equipment.Support for multiple bandwidth allocation. This equipment based on TDD technology, using IP communications functions, it can be set up wireless local area network (LAN).Easy to realize two-way data and video transmission.


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Support WIFI connection

Support GPS/beidou positioning

Support network interface transmission, build a remote local LAN

Supports large bandwidth, point-to-point largest payload support 30 MBPS

Support automatic frequency hopping function, can automatically search the   best frequency point in wireless environment

Support up to 33 DBM transmission power

Support 3/ 5 /10 /20 MHZ bandwidth channel

Sensitivity  20MHz  -94dBm(10Mbps)
20MHz -97dBm(5Mbps)
10MHz -91dBm(10Mbps)
10MHz -96dBm(5Mbps)
5MHz -84dBm(10Mbps)
5MHz -93dBm(5Mbps)
3MHz -87dBm(5Mbps)
3MHz  -98dBm(2Mbps)
Transmission power  33dBm+2
Transmission rateA single node supports up to 30Mbps
Multi-node adaptive and average system rate allocation
Number of slave nodesUp to 16
  Encryption                 AES128
Maximum allowed input level   ≤10dBm
Transmission Distance   25KM
Rated working voltage      Typical value: DC+12V, limit value: minimum DC+9v, maximum DC+15V
Rated working voltage         ≤0.7A @ DC12V
Impedance of RF Connectors         50Ω
Dimension       105mm*65mm*16mm
Weight        154g
Working temperature  -20℃~+55℃
 Storage Temperature                -40℃~+85℃
 RH                             95% (40℃)
 Protection Grade                  IP65

We provide authorized governments with devices and systems that assist them in securing the communications network and combating espionage. The company's policy is to deal with and sell only to government customers, which requires that the government approve any export of classified products.
The minimum contract is $500,000 to contract with the government, including development and production over the term specified in the contract.