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Frequency: 1.4GHz, other's customized Modulation: COFDM

Bandwidth: 5/10/20MHz (optional)

RF power: max 2W*2W

Voltage: DC12V

Interface: RJ45, serial port, Support: Wifi/GPS (optional)

PTT voice

Resolution: 1080P, 720P

Distance: 1-5KM LOS

Networking Capacity: 32 nodes Data encryption: AES 128/256 bits Size: 210*80*45 (with battery) Weight: 1094g (with battery), 554g(without battery)

We provide authorized governments with devices and systems that assist them in securing the communications network and combating espionage. The company's policy is to deal with and sell only to government customers, which requires that the government approve any export of classified products.

The minimum contract is $500,000 to contract with the government, including development and production over the term specified in the contract.