The company's Office of information and analysis prevents and suppresses cyber threats that attempt to compromise the communications network, and advocates for the suppression of existing and potential threats, with an initial focus on cyber defense and defeating the opponent through information gathering and analysis, then identifying sponsors and financiers of cyber attacks and campaigns targeting our cyber security. Thus, we allow our partners to take appropriate relevant decisions, with effective cooperation and coordination.

About OIA

The Information and Analysis Office was founded in 2016 as an entity independent of the company, with the aim of developing security and cyber defense. Integration of the office with the establishment of THE ZEIN in 2017, to work as an independent part under the supervision of the company.

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OIA mission

The OIA serves as an independent part of the company, to collect and analyze information about cyber attacks, identify key perpetrators and financiers, and defend network sovereignty. The office's mission is to coordinate with the signals intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, and to allow our partners to make relevant decisions.

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Our goal is to eliminate espionage and cyber threats on the most sensitive communications network.
We collect information about cyber threats and attacks, identify sponsors and perpetrators, in order to suppress and disrupt them, in coordination with signals intelligence.

Government Relations

Our authority defines our mission