Downtown Beirut, the headquarters of THE ZEIN GROUP, on May 11, 2022 - We announce the production of THE ZEIN SECURE SERIES, an encrypted series for confidential communications, serving government, diplomats, military and members of high-ranking international organizations.The secure chain includes 4 devices, including a router to encrypt data as well.THE ZEIN SECURE 1 SERIES.THE ZEIN SECURE 2 SERIES.THE ZEIN SECURE 3 SERIES.THE ZEIN SECURE ROUTER.
Our devices serve confidential and encrypted communications, we are currently working on safety testing, and we are doing our best to give our government customers a unique and 100% secure experience, as we use a complex encryption algorithm for networks and data protection.Safe chain devices do not have any risks in terms of use.Operating System Type: Microsoft. We use a 128 & 256-bit encryption algorithm approved by the US National Security.