Secure Wireless Communications

Mobile Communications For Foreign Missions

One of the most important things that the government must pay attention to is combating spying on the communications of its individuals abroad or on top-secret missions. Without encryption techniques, any communications could be exposed to danger. Sensitive government and military information can be stolen, and the communications of mission personnel abroad can be eavesdropped on to obtain information that is not authorized to be accessed in any way. Our communications encryption technologies provide superior protection for public communications systems under any circumstances, anywhere in the world, and on all mobile .telephone devices.

Mobile Tectical Communications

The process of tactical communications is very complex, and it is called top-secret intelligence communications. Likewise, the process of equipping soldiers and keeping them in secure communication is in itself complex, expensive, and most importantly, essential. Our cryptographic techniques provide highly secure tactical communications with soldiers and provide secure transmission of military information from Intelligence level across public and private networks, and these communications are usually connected to the command, so our encryption technology, developed to suit top-secret military activities, protects government, military, and national security information that the government’s military command center deals with, and it is applicable in public and private wireless and wired networks. As well as digital and analog communications.